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CS30EC S is designed especially for tree care and surgery. Only persons trained in tree care and surgery may use this saw. Observe all literature, procedures and recommendations from the relevant professional organization. Failure to do so constitutes a high accident risk. We recommend always using a rising platform for sawing in trees.

Rappelling techniques are extremely dangerous and require special training. The operator must be trained bottom bottoms απώλεια βάρους tampa and familiar with the use of safety equipment and working and climbing techniques.

Always use the restraining equipment for both the operator and the saw. Always wear a safety face shield or goggles. Gloves should be used when sharpening chain. Always wear safety protective equipment such as jacket, trousers, gloves, helmet, boots with steel toe-caps and non-slip soles whenever you use a chain saw.

For working in trees the safety boots must be suitable for climbing techniques. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, short pants, sandals or go barefoot. Secure hair so it is above shoulder length.

Do not operate this tool when you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. Never let a child or inexperienced person operate the machine. Never start or run the engine inside a closed room or building.

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Breathing exhaust fumes can kill. For respiratory protection, wear a protection mask while emitting the chain oil mist and dust from sawdust.

CS25EC (S)/CS25EC (SC) CS30EC (S)

Keep handles free of oil and fuel. Keep hands away from cutting equipment. Do not grab or hold the unit by the cutting equipment. When the unit is turned off, make sure the cutting attachment has stopped before the unit is set down. When operation is prolonged, take a break from time to time so that you may avoid possible whitefinger disease which is caused by vibration.

The operator must obey the local regulations of cutting area. Long or continuous exposure to high noise levels may cause permanent hearing impairment.

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Replace damaged parts. Check for fuel leaks and make sure all fasteners are in place and securely tightened. Make sure the safety guard is properly attached. Keep others away when making carburetor adjustments. Never let the chain strike any obstacle.

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If the chain makes contact, the machine should be stopped and checked carefully. Make sure the automatic oiler is working. Keep the oil tank filled with clean oil. Never let chain run dry on the bar.

Installation et retrait de la batterie Fig. Remettez en place la plaque de fixation. Assurez-vous d'avoir parfaitement fermé la plaque de fixation avant d'utiliser l'outil, pour éviter que la batterie ne tombe accidentellement de l'outil. Si la batterie ne glisse pas aisément, c'est qu'elle n'est pas insérée correctement.

For example, if improper tools are used to remove the flywheel or if an improper tool is used to hold the flywheel in order to remove the clutch, structural damage to the flywheel could occur and could subsequently cause the flywheel to burst.

Never use chain saw without any safety equipment or that has faulty safety equipment. It could result in serious personal injury. Mix and pour fuel outdoors and where there are no sparks or flames. Use a container approved for fuel. Wipe up all fuel spills before starting engine.

Move at least 3 m away from fueling bottom bottoms απώλεια βάρους tampa before starting engine. Stop engine before removing fuel cap.

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It is recommended that the fuel be emptied after each use. If fuel is left in the tank, store so fuel will not leak.

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Antivibration systems do not guarantee that you will not sustain whitefinger dis-ease or carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, continual and regular users should monitor closely the condition of their hands and fingers. If any of the above symptoms appear, seek medical advice immediately.

bottom bottoms απώλεια βάρους tampa

Do not cut any material other than wood or wooden objects. For respiratory protection, wear an aerosol protection mask when cutting the wood after insecticide has been applied. Keep others including children, animals, bystanders and helpers outside the hazard zone, Stop the engine immediately if you are approached.

Bottom bottoms απώλεια βάρους tampa firm footing and balance.

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Do not overreach. Keep all parts of your body away from the muffler and cutting attachment when the engine is running. Before felling a tree, the operator must be accustomed to the sawing techniques of the chain saw.

bottom bottoms απώλεια βάρους tampa

Be sure to pre-plan a safe exit from a failing tree. While cutting, hold saw firmly with both hands with thumb firmly locked around front handle, and stand with feet well balanced and your body balanced.

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Stand to the side of the saw when cutting - never directly behind it. Always keep the spiked bumper face to a tree, because the chain may suddenly be drawn into bottom bottoms απώλεια βάρους tampa tree.

When completing a cut, be ready to hold up the units as it breaks into clear, so it will not follow through and cut your legs, feet or body, or contact an obstruction.

Be alert against kickback when saw kicks up and back at operator. Never cut with the nose of the bar.