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ΣΤΥΛ Γουάιλντερ: A wild-swinging, often-sloppy fighter with long arms and fight-changing power in both fists, Wilder likes to set the range with his lead hand and follow it with a variety of power punches.

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He carries his power late into his fights and is capable of scoring a knockout at any time. Fury: A confident, self-assured, and sometimes cocky fighter, Fury has nimble moves and quickness for such a large fighter. He combines good footwork with upper-body movement and ability to box either orthodox or southpaw, keeping opponents off-balance and setting up his own offensive attack. Fury spent time in the mid rounds as a southpaw and found success.

Wilder scored a knockdown in the 9ου round but his follow-up attack left him fatigued, allowed Fury to regain the momentum through the 11ου round. The memorable 12ου round saw Wilder break through and land a right hand and left hook combination. Fury fell hard to the canvas, flat on his back. He amazingly rose at the count of 9 and was outlanding Wilder as the final round concluded. He can end fights by landing his right hand straight down the middle, arcing it over the top, or splitting the guard as an uppercut.

He has canelo alvarez απώλεια βάρους that he can fight equally as hard in the late rounds and capable of a knockout until the final bell. He is light on his feet and possesses shifty upperbody movement that is uncanny for someone so large.

canelo alvarez απώλεια βάρους

He shows little or no fear in the ring. His self-assured charismatic nature gives him a psychological advantage.

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He often times looks very amateurish in the ring. He struggles setting his feet and is often a step behind.

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He was trailing Luis Ortiz in both fights and was outclassed for most of his first fight with Fury. Ortiz had him badly hurt and close to a knockout loss.

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He split with his trainer Ben Davidson and is calling his own shots. Fury also has spells in the ring canelo alvarez απώλεια βάρους he loses focus and he has found himself on the canvas more than once during a lapse in concentration. While his triumphs over canelo alvarez απώλεια βάρους demons is admirable, the lasting physical effects cannot be denied.

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  • Jamie Munguia : «Ο κόσμος θα βάζει το όνομά μου δίπλα σε Canelo και Golovkin!

While doctors have deemed the cut sufficiently healed, his tender skin could reopen at the most inopportune time. After being outboxed for the majority of the first six rounds, Wilder set his range against a tiring Ortiz and landed a pulverizing right hand which resulted in a one-punch knockout.

Fury suffered a cut over his right eye in the 3RD round and the blood clearly affected his vision. Despite the impairment, Fury still controlled the action and hurt Wallin several times en route to a decision victory. A single right hand in the 9ου round sent Szpilka down and unconscious, ο Νοκ-άουτ της Χρονιάς. Wilder utilized his long jab and kept Stiverne at bay with his underrated skillset. An Ortiz rally in the 7ου had Wilder seriously hurt but Wilder was able to regroup and score the knockout a few rounds later.

canelo alvarez απώλεια βάρους

While the bout was a cautious affair, Fury was able to outwork Klitschko with canelo alvarez απώλεια βάρους footwork, κίνημα, and a higher punch output. The electricity will be at a fever pitch at the opening bell.

With their familiarity, there will be less of a feeling out process than their first encounter. Fury will be on his toes moving forward and Wilder will try to time his advances and land counter punches. At the end of the 1st γύρος, Fury will taunt Wilder and there will be an exchange of words. The following rounds will be an exciting game of cat and mouse with the smaller Wilder in the role of the cat, futility trying to corner the larger Wilder.

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Wilder will find success with his jab in the 6ου και 7ου rounds and a looping right hand will catch Fury on top of the head, knocking him off balance to the canvas. Fury will rise, wink at his corner, and come bouncing back into action. The excitement will have Wilder swinging wildly and falling to the canvas himself after missing overexaggerated right hand.

With Wilder seemingly arm-weary from his punch output the previous round, Fury will turn southpaw and land several hard right hands, then bounce out of range of any counter punches.